Friday, May 9, 2014

First day of term 2 2014

At Assembly
-When we walked into the hall-

When we walked into the hall there were helium balloons some of them were Red Blue Purple White. Two of the white balloons were stuck on the roof of the hall then Mr Burt tide 15 balloons two a toy taxi car so it could fly on to the roof as well.     

-When team 5 come on the stage-

When team 5 come on stage there was a video of them doing a sound movie. In their movie they made their own instruments like things that you shake stuff that you pull on then let go and it makes a cool sound.

Mrs Nua Made a very cool and amazing noise with a paint roller In the paint roller there is marbles and nails. I might have to make my own instrument that has its own funny noise.      

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