Friday, February 22, 2013


One day Charlie and Frankie went to the beach. “the wind was whistling so much” said Frankie. It was so cold. I can hear the sea crash. The trees were bending over and the leaves were coming off.

Charlie and frankie thought it was a nice day to go fishing so they went home and got there kayak’s and fishing gear. Then come back down to the beach to go fishing when they went out in there kayak’s they went far out into the sea. Then started to fish Charlie and Frankie had been out there for ages and all the catched was little fish. But Frankie said that he wanted to catch a big fish

Then all of a sudden they saw a very big tail in the water It was moving closer and closer to Frankie and Charlie. Then it hooked onto Frankie’s fishing rod Frankie got pulled into the water then I jumped out of the water with Frankie on it. Charlie saw that it was whale. So Charlie got scared and did move in till the whale flipped his kayak and Charlie flipped into the water.

Then Frankie dropped off the whale and tried to swim to shore but the whale jumped on top of them. They went flying down to the bottom of the sea and Frankie hit his head on a rock and Charlie grabbed him and swam up out of the water. There was a boat near buy.

So Charlie called out to them but they could not hear him. But after a while was closer so Charlie called out to them again and they heard him so they come ever to help them. When they got to them they took them back to shore and then took Frankie to the hospital.

After a week Frankie was ok. He did not die he was a bit brain dead.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My holiday's

In the holiday's I went to the airport to pick up my mum's friends daughter they stayed the night then in the morning they went to the bus stop . When we got home we had some cake then we went to park to have lunch and play around it was fun playing on the swings.

Later on I went to my friends house at his house I played black ops 2 zombies and I made it up to round 39.

At 5.25 my mum looked on the news on her computer and she said that there was going to be a tsunami. Then I went on youtube and watched some videos.