Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I turn small.

The Moment I woke up, I discovered to my shock horror that is was the size of a small mouse! Today was going to be very interesting day indeed.
I wonder what I can do. I can go into little gaps in the wall and get food very easy.
But I can’t play computer games. I want to play Minecraft, Halo and far cry 3.
all I can do was lay on my computer and sleep.  the best thing is i can get cheese.
 I am so bored got nothing to do I want to go outside. I need to find mouse to play with.
finally i found some friends to play with inside maybe they know the way outside.

I try to talk with them but they don’t understand what I am talking about?
First I thought the mouse talked crazy language and then I found some mouse that know how to talk English.
I ask to the mouse “How get out of this boring house”.
But the mouse said “Give me cheese or i will not show the way out of here”.
I ran to the Kitchen to look for some cheese and I looked at the frig and I found little bit of  cheese.

I ran to the mouse to give the cheese but the mouse was gone.
I went to look for the mouse but he was no where to be found so I gave up but then I heard a little voice in the distance so I turned around and give the cheese to the mouse.       
And the mouse said “Sorry I went to the toilet”
And I give the mouse cheese.

The Mouse show me the way out and i said “Thank you”
And i turn normal i was so happy.
I think if I am dark i turn small.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rain day

 Splash my foot hit the the ground and the water went everywhere.
               So I run as fast as I could trying not to get wet but there was a very big wet hole in the ground it went all the way across the rod and I could not get cross it so I had to run through it and I got so wet the my pants were  so wet I could feel the water dripping down the.

Pants I was so cold my hands went numb and it was hard to feel my fingers. They started to get saw. I knocked on my house door and my mum opened it for me and then I went into my blanket then is said to myself “It is so warm now that I and in my blanket”.

The Rocks

There were 3 people going the in the woods then well they were walking they saw some big rocks. So they went over to the rocks they heard footsteps and they said someone was following them but it was no one. When they looked at the rocks they said the look weird all those big rocks in one place in the woods.