Monday, March 18, 2013

Sample Writing

I was coming to school one day and I felt so nice and happy. Every day I come to school me and my friends were working together we were videoing things like lots of work. Then there was a new person in the class he was very funny and he liked to play with everyone.

But one day my friend Charlie said that “someone stole my hat” so we told the teacher that someone stole his hat. She said that no one is going out to play in till Charlie got his hat back. But no one had the hat now Charlie can’t go outside. The next day charlie’s books went missing Charlie said to himself “i am getting so angry” so Charlie said to the teacher my book’s have gone. Someone has got them so she looked around but she could not find them.

Buy the next day most of his staff was gone Charlie was almost crying then later on that day some more staff was gone so Charlie said to the teacher “my staff is gone missing” so she looked around but nothing in the class was Charlie’s.