Monday, July 8, 2013

climbing story

I was climbing up the big mountain. Suddenly I thought in my head, “I am going to die’ . It was so scary when I looked down because it was soo far down. As I nervously climbed up the mountain i felt sweat dripping down my hot boiling back.

this quote by feather is telling us

His message for us is never give up and trying to reach your goals because that is how you will reach the top and persevere

Rock climbing

As he was climbing  up the mountains suddenly he slipped. he was only holding on to the ledge with one hand. I hope i don’t fall off because i don’t have good grip”. he felt exhausted. and his hand was sore from climbing. And it looked like that he was cold because he didn't have any t-shirt on. he said to himself i have finally reaches to the top of the mountain.

As the boy was climbing the vertical cliff he was struggling.
“Oh no i don’t want to die yet i am still too young”he thought to himself.” i don’t even have a wife yet please don’t die”. With Determination he finally made it to the top i am so so exhausted....