Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Camp bensin

For camp we went to Kawau Island on the way there we went on a ferry on the ferry everyone was cold but not me I was salted from the wind.

When we got  to Kawau Island we had to take the bags to the deck. My body was so sore because they were heavy. Then I went back to the ferry to get the food and take It to the kitchen. When I stacked the food down there were lines on my fingers.  

my legs were so sore from walking for a long time. As soon as we come back from the walk I took my bag to my room. I come back To to play baseball. I hit the ball so far I could not see it because it went it to the bush. It was soo cool at camp playing with my friends I did not miss school one bit.

At night we played two games of spot light we had to hid and then they come out to find us.    

The next activate we did was the make a bivouac a bivouac is a shalt tree hut that is made out of whatever is on the ground. It has to be waterproof so the ran does not get on you you make it when you are lost some wear.

Camp was fun it is sad to be back at school.   

Monday, November 19, 2012

Kawau Island

In one more day we are going to Kawau Island I feel excited.

Camp bensin is on Kawau Island and is close to Auckland. We catch a bus to said spit then we hope onto a ferry to go to Kawau Island.

I am looking forward to the confines course because I have done one before and it was easy.

The confines cors and the abseiling jumping of the wof.

I am calming down to get ready for what I am doing. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My boat

The people in room 17 had to mack boat my boat was in water for the longest 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Couplet Poetry

I once had a sun
that spun and spun and spun.
With a dog that ran to a band
and saw a man
at the band
there was a rocket
that had a big pocket.

I had a Kite
That put up a fight
but it got hot by the pot
on the beach I saw something rot.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Sailing The Paific

The Maori people got to New Zealand on wake they looked at the stars and the birds to find there way to New Zealand.  

Monday, November 5, 2012

At the beach

My mum and I went down to the beach for a swim, When we got there my mum sat down on the sand while I went for a swim. There was someone else at the beach when I was in the water.

Suddenly charlie slipped off the rocks and hit his arm. He was screaming’ tears were running down his eyes. I tried to get Charlie out of the water, but he was too sore to move, because his arm was broken.

My mum came down to help and she called the ambulance to help Charlie.
It was hard to get Charlie out because he was stuck in between the rocks, he was scratched up. the water went into his mouth and he started to choke a little so we had to get him out of the rocks.

We got Charlie out of the rocks and into the ambulance and to hospital he was badly hurt and he was scratched with a few scars but he is ok.

The bush

In the bush I was camping for three days one night I heard something strange out side my nent but I said to myself it was ok then. The next morning I got up and went for a bushwalk when I was walking I heard some people so I went up to them and started to have a talk with them. When I finished talking with them I kept walking then something happened.

I walked right into a hole I was screaming for help all day then I stopped and tried to climb out in the afternoon I got out. So I ran as fast as I could but then I realised that I kept going round and round for a very long time. I said to myself I was ‘there was no way out of the bush’. But I just

kept running and running then I saw some people. I ran up to them and said ‘do you know the way out’ they said ‘no we are lost’ ‘I am too’ so we tried to get out together. So we walked and walked and walked but we did not know the way out we all stood as straight as we could because there was a bear right in front of us.

We stood there for a long time until the bear went away. When the bear left we kept walking then I said I will call some one. I called someone and said ‘that I can't find the way of the bush and I am scared that I never will find the out’ the man said ‘he will come to get us’.

When he got as out of the bush we said ‘thank you’ no one got hurt we were all scared because of that.                               

At the shops

After School I went to the Shop to buy a drink. On the way there were some people trying to get into the shop but the door was locked. It looked like there was something wrong so I went to the other Shop. That door was locked to. Then I heard someone was screaming, out ‘help’. So then I went home and came back later but the door was still locked so there is something wrong.

I tried to get quietly inside the door then I looked in and there was smoke. So I ran home and rang the firefighters and told them where the smoke was coming from. Running back down to the shop I stopped for a little bit then the firefighters came and ran into the shop and got all of the people out. They went back in and put out the fire then they said that someone dropped a lighter on the ground.

I called the ambulance they said they will be there as soon as they can. The shop was just about to burn down then some people came around. Someone said they saw a little boy was still inside  so we went and got the little boy out just before the shop just burnt down.

The ambulance just got here and the little boy and his family went in the ambulance to the hospital. They were so scared. Sadly thea little boy died but two people lived everyone had tears in their eyes.