Monday, November 5, 2012

At the shops

After School I went to the Shop to buy a drink. On the way there were some people trying to get into the shop but the door was locked. It looked like there was something wrong so I went to the other Shop. That door was locked to. Then I heard someone was screaming, out ‘help’. So then I went home and came back later but the door was still locked so there is something wrong.

I tried to get quietly inside the door then I looked in and there was smoke. So I ran home and rang the firefighters and told them where the smoke was coming from. Running back down to the shop I stopped for a little bit then the firefighters came and ran into the shop and got all of the people out. They went back in and put out the fire then they said that someone dropped a lighter on the ground.

I called the ambulance they said they will be there as soon as they can. The shop was just about to burn down then some people came around. Someone said they saw a little boy was still inside  so we went and got the little boy out just before the shop just burnt down.

The ambulance just got here and the little boy and his family went in the ambulance to the hospital. They were so scared. Sadly thea little boy died but two people lived everyone had tears in their eyes.  


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