Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Christmas Day

On Christmas my brother and mum are going to my nana’s house with my cousin and the rest of my family. Then we eat lots of food and open our presents

The day after Christmas my cousin takes us out on to the farm and we go capture possum’s and take the fur of them and then shot them chuck them away. and we look for rabbits and I kill them.

My store about Paul Walker

Paul Walker was going to quit fast and the furious to be with his daughter but he didn't live long enough to been with her he got killed in a car crash. He was a famous person on fast and the furious.

Paul walkers grandfather was a professional boxer. Walker began his small screen career as a toddler, when he starred in a television commercial for pampers. and when he was two he stared in a TV in the 1985

In 2001, Walker's breakthrough role arrived when he starred opposite actor Vin Diesel in the successful
action film the fast and the furious.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Monday, November 18, 2013

My Math Work part 2

12. There were 389 people at the theatre then another 118 arrived. How many were there altogether?

389 +11 = 400  

118 - 11 = 107

400 + 7 = 407

407 + 100 = 507

Friday, November 15, 2013

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

This is my Writing for the kiwi Kids news

A number of puppets from the Muppets show sesame street have been donated to the museum of american history in Washington DC. One of the Muppets that got donated was mrs piggy. all so join her was kermit the frog. and joined this week was cookie monster .Bert. Ernie, Elmo and Fozzie bear.                                                                                   

Jobs That i want to be in when I grow up

I want to be a game tester cause I like playing games. i want to be a gold miner cause u get good money. i want to be a diamond miner cause u get a lot of money a day. i want to be a ice cream tester cause i like ice cream. the thing I would like to do is the best thing it would be in the army.

game tester

gold miner

diamond miner


ice cream tester 

in the army

my book

I choose the book because  my friend has read it and said to me it was a cool book.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Its so hard so dont try this at home its for your own safety SO PLZ LIKE MY WORK!!!!!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

our story board


A boy picks up a egg then he looks at it then he chuck's the egg at the wall and out comes chocolate

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The America's cup

I’m really hoping  the New Zealand team Wins the America’s cup and come back to new zealand with the big victory!! I don't think they going to be happy if they lose the race - Well I am not going be happy if they lose.

I think every one else wants the New Zealand team to win Just like me.

Will the New Zealand Team come back with the American cup?

Friday, August 23, 2013

My Carving work!!

When we rotate to another class in the morning. We do cool stuff and in my class  we do carving With Ms T. <--------------- This is about when we change class for the morning

Every time we past the inc on the craving we have to dry the board after we Past the inc on.
Then we carve more out of the board be for the inc gos back on the board.       <------------ This is about pasting the inc on the boards.

When we have done the carving we have to ask to do another board. Or we can draw on a piece of paper but we have to draw Love on in cool ways    <------------- this is When we Done the craving

Friday, August 9, 2013

My Work in the creative strain

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed? carving
on the wooden board but my hands got saw of doing it i picked a really easy image to carve so it didn't take very long for me to do it was had but i am almost done it lucky it is the last day    

Black Hat - Which things didn’t I like?
Drawing the the image  what we had to carve out on the board so I did a little image to carve so it was not too hard for me. after I done the carving my hands were so saw!  

Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week? Putting the ink on the board and pasting it on the paper but it got hard and my hands got saw. At the end of the pasting my hands had lots of ink on them.

White Hat - What did I learn? I learned how to carve carveing is very cool and fun to do but I cut my hand with the tool

Monday, July 8, 2013

climbing story

I was climbing up the big mountain. Suddenly I thought in my head, “I am going to die’ . It was so scary when I looked down because it was soo far down. As I nervously climbed up the mountain i felt sweat dripping down my hot boiling back.

this quote by feather is telling us

His message for us is never give up and trying to reach your goals because that is how you will reach the top and persevere

Rock climbing

As he was climbing  up the mountains suddenly he slipped. he was only holding on to the ledge with one hand. I hope i don’t fall off because i don’t have good grip”. he felt exhausted. and his hand was sore from climbing. And it looked like that he was cold because he didn't have any t-shirt on. he said to himself i have finally reaches to the top of the mountain.

As the boy was climbing the vertical cliff he was struggling.
“Oh no i don’t want to die yet i am still too young”he thought to himself.” i don’t even have a wife yet please don’t die”. With Determination he finally made it to the top i am so so exhausted.... 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I turn small.

The Moment I woke up, I discovered to my shock horror that is was the size of a small mouse! Today was going to be very interesting day indeed.
I wonder what I can do. I can go into little gaps in the wall and get food very easy.
But I can’t play computer games. I want to play Minecraft, Halo and far cry 3.
all I can do was lay on my computer and sleep.  the best thing is i can get cheese.
 I am so bored got nothing to do I want to go outside. I need to find mouse to play with.
finally i found some friends to play with inside maybe they know the way outside.

I try to talk with them but they don’t understand what I am talking about?
First I thought the mouse talked crazy language and then I found some mouse that know how to talk English.
I ask to the mouse “How get out of this boring house”.
But the mouse said “Give me cheese or i will not show the way out of here”.
I ran to the Kitchen to look for some cheese and I looked at the frig and I found little bit of  cheese.

I ran to the mouse to give the cheese but the mouse was gone.
I went to look for the mouse but he was no where to be found so I gave up but then I heard a little voice in the distance so I turned around and give the cheese to the mouse.       
And the mouse said “Sorry I went to the toilet”
And I give the mouse cheese.

The Mouse show me the way out and i said “Thank you”
And i turn normal i was so happy.
I think if I am dark i turn small.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rain day

 Splash my foot hit the the ground and the water went everywhere.
               So I run as fast as I could trying not to get wet but there was a very big wet hole in the ground it went all the way across the rod and I could not get cross it so I had to run through it and I got so wet the my pants were  so wet I could feel the water dripping down the.

Pants I was so cold my hands went numb and it was hard to feel my fingers. They started to get saw. I knocked on my house door and my mum opened it for me and then I went into my blanket then is said to myself “It is so warm now that I and in my blanket”.

The Rocks

There were 3 people going the in the woods then well they were walking they saw some big rocks. So they went over to the rocks they heard footsteps and they said someone was following them but it was no one. When they looked at the rocks they said the look weird all those big rocks in one place in the woods.

Friday, May 31, 2013


(Our group wrote this article together about diabetes.)

Diabetes is a sickness where your pancreas isn’t working. Usually the function of the pancreas is to make insulin. Insulin is needed as a key to open the body cells so glucose can be absorbed. Glucose is needed for essential as it gives body energy

There are 2 types of diabetes type l and type 2. Type 1 is where the pancreas is not working. It is not working.  It is not making enough insulin. Usually people get Type 1 diabetes when they are young. They have to inject insulin every day.

In Type 2 diabetes the pancreas makes insulin but the insulin doesn't work properly. It doesn't open the door to the body to let glucose go in. People often get Type 2 diabetes when they are adults. You are more likely to get it if someone in your family has it, if you are overweight, if you eat too much sugar and if you don’t exercise.

Friday, May 10, 2013

We had a cool day today because Will I Am came to Pt England school. Unfortunately we had to wait for him to get through all the traffic. While we were waiting we had to watch some old funny videos.Suddenly Mr Burt announced, “He’s here.” I was nervous because there were a lot of cameras in the hall facing Will I Am.

When he told us about when he was little he said that he was living in a very poor neighbourhood.
In his neighbourhood kids were stealing and going to jail but Will I am did not got to jail because he picked the right friends and started singing. He also had an important message for us. It was to try to live your dreams.        

Him and his friends shared the same dream and that dream was to sing. He also said that he wants to go back to school in September this year to learn about computer science.

When Will I am come it to the hall it was so cool because has glass looked funny on him. 

Will I am and a message to that message was live your dreams and don't go to jail.  

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


On Wednesday in the afternoon we did the triathlon on the big field at first we did the water slide it looked funny because people kept slipping over. Then we went on to the bikes when I was on the bike it was hard because the wheel got stuck in the hole but then it come out of the hole and I kept going around the field.         

it was hard to run around the field I said to myself “My legs are so sore” .
But is was coming 7 in till I parts  James when I got to the finished we all sat down to watch room 15 do theirs.

When room 15 did the water slide it looked so funny because they kept slipping over and when wyatt was on the bike he was so fast he overlapped a lot of people he was the first one on the doing the run around the field there was still some people on the bikes.  he still beat them
but there was some people right behind him. he said to himself “The finish line is right in front of me” and he just past before them.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sample Writing

I was coming to school one day and I felt so nice and happy. Every day I come to school me and my friends were working together we were videoing things like lots of work. Then there was a new person in the class he was very funny and he liked to play with everyone.

But one day my friend Charlie said that “someone stole my hat” so we told the teacher that someone stole his hat. She said that no one is going out to play in till Charlie got his hat back. But no one had the hat now Charlie can’t go outside. The next day charlie’s books went missing Charlie said to himself “i am getting so angry” so Charlie said to the teacher my book’s have gone. Someone has got them so she looked around but she could not find them.

Buy the next day most of his staff was gone Charlie was almost crying then later on that day some more staff was gone so Charlie said to the teacher “my staff is gone missing” so she looked around but nothing in the class was Charlie’s.

Friday, February 22, 2013


One day Charlie and Frankie went to the beach. “the wind was whistling so much” said Frankie. It was so cold. I can hear the sea crash. The trees were bending over and the leaves were coming off.

Charlie and frankie thought it was a nice day to go fishing so they went home and got there kayak’s and fishing gear. Then come back down to the beach to go fishing when they went out in there kayak’s they went far out into the sea. Then started to fish Charlie and Frankie had been out there for ages and all the catched was little fish. But Frankie said that he wanted to catch a big fish

Then all of a sudden they saw a very big tail in the water It was moving closer and closer to Frankie and Charlie. Then it hooked onto Frankie’s fishing rod Frankie got pulled into the water then I jumped out of the water with Frankie on it. Charlie saw that it was whale. So Charlie got scared and did move in till the whale flipped his kayak and Charlie flipped into the water.

Then Frankie dropped off the whale and tried to swim to shore but the whale jumped on top of them. They went flying down to the bottom of the sea and Frankie hit his head on a rock and Charlie grabbed him and swam up out of the water. There was a boat near buy.

So Charlie called out to them but they could not hear him. But after a while was closer so Charlie called out to them again and they heard him so they come ever to help them. When they got to them they took them back to shore and then took Frankie to the hospital.

After a week Frankie was ok. He did not die he was a bit brain dead.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My holiday's

In the holiday's I went to the airport to pick up my mum's friends daughter they stayed the night then in the morning they went to the bus stop . When we got home we had some cake then we went to park to have lunch and play around it was fun playing on the swings.

Later on I went to my friends house at his house I played black ops 2 zombies and I made it up to round 39.

At 5.25 my mum looked on the news on her computer and she said that there was going to be a tsunami. Then I went on youtube and watched some videos.