Friday, August 23, 2013

My Carving work!!

When we rotate to another class in the morning. We do cool stuff and in my class  we do carving With Ms T. <--------------- This is about when we change class for the morning

Every time we past the inc on the craving we have to dry the board after we Past the inc on.
Then we carve more out of the board be for the inc gos back on the board.       <------------ This is about pasting the inc on the boards.

When we have done the carving we have to ask to do another board. Or we can draw on a piece of paper but we have to draw Love on in cool ways    <------------- this is When we Done the craving

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  1. cool story Zyrin I like carving too, at creative strand I got up to red but I never finished my print. the best part for creative strand was carving because it wasn't that hard. maybe next time you could spell some words like goes not gos.


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