Friday, March 23, 2012

Zyrin year 5&6 school camp

I was most looking forward to was table tennis. But table tennis was not it was kayaking because we got to go around the point. and then we came back to Mr Burt and go to the rocks.
I know that I got better at kayaking.

When we went to camp cooking we made damper my one was nice. But my friend’s one was ripped up and about to fall off the bamboo stick. When it was cooked there was not much to eat when he got it of the stick.

My goal at camp was to get better at kayaking and I did. I was way better than last year because I did kayaking last year’s camp and I was listening to Mr Burt.

On Friday the end of camp we had to clean our tents out and pack our day bags and then we went to the Lagoon pools for the day. It was cool at the end of camp and the pools, my friend's were playing with the ball

Monday, March 12, 2012

School camp

In to more days it is year five and six camp.

The most excited thing is table tennis. It is table tennis is because it is hard.

I and most worried about the item because it is very hard.

last year at camp I all most full out of my kayak but this year I am not going to full out.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Friday in the hall

A week in the life of Zyrin a year 6 student

On Friday at school we go to Assembly in the hall. It was very loung after Assembly we had ms Muliaumasealii for the hull day. for the day we did art I Cod not Wat for morning tee.

A week in the life of Zyrin a year 6 student

On Thursday in the morning at school we have miss Muliaumasealii in our class for one hour.
Then miss garden came back in to the class for the rest of the day.

When the bull rings to go back in side we do math. Then we do Reading.

We do netball in the hall. my partner was Takai and we had heps of fun in the hall learning haw to play netball.

Friday, March 2, 2012


A week in the life of Zyrin a year 6 student

On Wednesday in the morning at school we did cricket on the field. At cricket it was hard because we had to hit the ball up with the bat. Then we went back to class and did our work.


A week in the life of Zyrin a year 6 student

On Tuesday in the morning at school. We went to the hall for a test the test was boring
after the test we went back to class and watched PENN. After PENN we go to play out side on the play ground.

Waking up on monday morning

A week in the life of Zyrin a year 6 student

On Monday mornings when I wake up I am tired. On the way to school it is cool because I can go to my friend's house and pick him up from his house and take him to school. When I get to school we go on to writing then we do Reading. After play time we do math.

After school when I get home I stick my bag in my room. Then I go on to the computer and play games on the Internet. Then I play on the trampoline and go inside my house.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


The tekoteko comes from a marae. And it is to protect then form bad people