Monday, June 9, 2014

At Swimming Last Week

At swimming there were 2 groups Number 1 and 2. The number 1 group is for all the good swimmers and group 2 was for the not as good swimmers. I'm in the first group the first thing we did was free stile we did that all week then I think we are on to doing backstroke.

The people that didn't bring their togs had to sit down and write and watch us swim.


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

what I learnt about Pitch and Sound.

Pitch is a low sound wave and a high pitch is a high sound wave.

Frequency is a low or high sound wave a low one look's Wide and a high sound wave look's tall and lots of waves.

For this we used a computer program to get the sound waves we had to match them up to the right sound.

I learnt that you cant talk into a vacuum and you can talk through metal. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

First day of term 2 2014

At Assembly
-When we walked into the hall-

When we walked into the hall there were helium balloons some of them were Red Blue Purple White. Two of the white balloons were stuck on the roof of the hall then Mr Burt tide 15 balloons two a toy taxi car so it could fly on to the roof as well.     

-When team 5 come on the stage-

When team 5 come on stage there was a video of them doing a sound movie. In their movie they made their own instruments like things that you shake stuff that you pull on then let go and it makes a cool sound.

Mrs Nua Made a very cool and amazing noise with a paint roller In the paint roller there is marbles and nails. I might have to make my own instrument that has its own funny noise.      


_At Badminton In the hall_

Every Thursday class 5 goes to Badminton.
At badminton we are learning how to do  backhand and forehand
Back hand is where you hold your hand on the racket like how you would hold a frying pan and then hit the shuttlecock. Forehand is where you hold the racket in a v shape then start hitting the shuttlecock two your partner.

After we learnt how to hold the racket and how to hit the shuttlecock we played a game of badminton it was fun because me and my team mate had to see how long we could play before we fail to hit the shuttlecock. Then all of the teams started to play as well and whichever team could keep hitting the shuttlecock the longest won. At the end we had to put the rackets and the shuttlecocks away then we went back to class.  


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Poisonous Spiders

I am learning about Spiders So here is what I know about spiders

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My store About how I get to school at 8:20

How I get to school at 8:20

In the morning my mum gets me up and I go have a shower when I and done in the shower I put my school clothes. Then I get my shoes and socks and put them on well I watch T.V Then I go make my breakfast I have weetbicks.

And I play this game sometimes in the morning its called Minecraft I can build have wars trade Upgrade stuff like walls I can talk to people around the world. The aim of the of the games to to get better and better armour make a better home so no one can get into it and take your stuff and you can make TNT things to blow other homes up.

Then I go brush my teeth and  go play with my dog and cat. and I leave Just after my brother he leave at 10 to 8:00 so I leave at 8:00 sometimes I leave at 8:15.

On the way to school I skip the field down the road from my house. Then I go past the GI pools and cross the crossing in to the school. Then walk down into my class and do all the windows then sit down ready to start the first lesson for the day at school.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

About me

My name is Zyrin. I am a boy my favourite subject is P.E. I am 11 years old. My favourite sport is Rugby. My favourite Role Model is 'Zyrin' Hours of Exercise Last week None