Friday, May 9, 2014


_At Badminton In the hall_

Every Thursday class 5 goes to Badminton.
At badminton we are learning how to do  backhand and forehand
Back hand is where you hold your hand on the racket like how you would hold a frying pan and then hit the shuttlecock. Forehand is where you hold the racket in a v shape then start hitting the shuttlecock two your partner.

After we learnt how to hold the racket and how to hit the shuttlecock we played a game of badminton it was fun because me and my team mate had to see how long we could play before we fail to hit the shuttlecock. Then all of the teams started to play as well and whichever team could keep hitting the shuttlecock the longest won. At the end we had to put the rackets and the shuttlecocks away then we went back to class.  


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  1. I like how you explained your backhand and forehand shots. It looked like a lot of fun.


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