Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Step1: Fold the paper from bottom to top and unfold it. Then fold it from side to side and unfold it.

Step2: Keeping the paper on the table fold both the long edges into the middle crease. Then unfold them

Step3: Fold both the short edges into the middle crease and leave them there.

Step4: Fold in all the corners so that they meet the nearest crease as shown here.

Step5: Fold back the edges in the middle so that they cover the corners.

Monday, September 10, 2012

My Weekend

Staying at my friends house in the weekend. we played with his cats. afterwards we went to my house.  

In the weekend I stayed at my friend Sebastians house we went with my brother to the skatepark. We took turns on his scooter. When it was my turn he told me to try a do a trick I did try but I fell off. When we all had a tern we went back his and played with his two cats for a little bit. When we finished playing with the cats.

We went to my house to play with my two nieces on my trampoline we were jumping around with then it was funny to watch them fall over because they kept laughing every time. It started to get dark so I got my stuff and went back down to my friends house and watched t.v with him.

That was a cool day i am going to do that next week but do more things.