Tuesday, April 9, 2013


On Wednesday in the afternoon we did the triathlon on the big field at first we did the water slide it looked funny because people kept slipping over. Then we went on to the bikes when I was on the bike it was hard because the wheel got stuck in the hole but then it come out of the hole and I kept going around the field.         

it was hard to run around the field I said to myself “My legs are so sore” .
But is was coming 7 in till I parts  James when I got to the finished we all sat down to watch room 15 do theirs.

When room 15 did the water slide it looked so funny because they kept slipping over and when wyatt was on the bike he was so fast he overlapped a lot of people he was the first one on the doing the run around the field there was still some people on the bikes.  he still beat them
but there was some people right behind him. he said to himself “The finish line is right in front of me” and he just past before them.

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