Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Camp bensin

For camp we went to Kawau Island on the way there we went on a ferry on the ferry everyone was cold but not me I was salted from the wind.

When we got  to Kawau Island we had to take the bags to the deck. My body was so sore because they were heavy. Then I went back to the ferry to get the food and take It to the kitchen. When I stacked the food down there were lines on my fingers.  

my legs were so sore from walking for a long time. As soon as we come back from the walk I took my bag to my room. I come back To to play baseball. I hit the ball so far I could not see it because it went it to the bush. It was soo cool at camp playing with my friends I did not miss school one bit.

At night we played two games of spot light we had to hid and then they come out to find us.    

The next activate we did was the make a bivouac a bivouac is a shalt tree hut that is made out of whatever is on the ground. It has to be waterproof so the ran does not get on you you make it when you are lost some wear.

Camp was fun it is sad to be back at school.   

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