Thursday, April 26, 2012

Zyrin's holiday

In the holidays guess were my brother and I went?

At the movies we went to see the Lorax in 3D. It was very funny because the Lorax came out of the tree and heaps of lightning came out of the sky. He went up to the man when he was asleep and the Lorax stack the man in the river and he went down the water full.

Then the next day the man stated to chop down all of the trees and the Lorax did not like that he was chopping down the trees. When he chopped the last tree all of the animals left and went to a different home.

Then one day a little boy was eating his dinner at the table and he wanted a tree because he got sick of the fake trees.

So he went to an old man about the trees after a few days after he was going to the old man he got a saed and he planted it in town.   
This movie is very good if I was you I Wood go and watch it.

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