Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cross Country

When Mister Burt said to line up I got nervous. When I herd go I started to run. Then I stopped and took my shoes off.

Then I went across the bridge and I saw Miss Squires taking a picture of me. At the end of the bridge I saw wet mud. I ran across the mud and saw some people running. I caught up to them.

I run through the bush because the path was to skinny. Then I run on to path then I saw the cars go past me. I run on to the aver people. I saw the brig and sprinted past. I saw the sewer and blocked my nose and run. When I ran past I went across the lake and saw the Finish line and I started to sprint. I ran past the finish line.

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  1. Cool Zyrin,

    What place did you come in Cross country??? I came 2nd.Thats a very wonderful story but could use a little more words instead of run,Other than that keep up the good work


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